Six Star Motorsports Certified

What is Six Star Certified?

It simply means it’s a product we personally support and recommend.  We would install it on our personal cars. It means you can have the piece of mind that this product has been thoroughly vetted. We have tried and tested the product on one of the time-attack cars, drag cars or one of our personal street cars. We have a long history of putting parts through the paces, torture testing them, and in some bases pushing things to or beyond their breaking points. We push the limits of manufacturer claims because we need to know a breaking point before you do. 

Companies have sent us parts from around the world for testing them via the street, the dyno, and at the track!  We pride ourselves on having proven results of the products we recommend. When you’re on our site you reap the benefit from something that others don’t offer:  ACTUAL EXPERIENCE!  We have real-world results, with data, to back up our claims. We are not a cookie-cutter sales site copy and pasting manufacture jargon to move parts or pushing parts based on margin over quality.